3 Benefits of Poker Mobile Online

More people are playing mobile poker than ever before. And we can thank availability for this since most online poker sites are now compatible with smartphones and tablets. However, there are still a number of players who are hesitant to get into mobile poker. Some people are just slow to change while others don't know if the poker mobile online experience will compare with their laptop and desktop. For these players, we highly suggest that you check out the following benefits to playing poker through your smartphone or tablet.

1. Mobile Devices are Easier to transport

It's certainly not impossible to lug your laptop around to the airport or restaurants and play online poker. But honestly, who would want to do this when smartphones are available!? With a smartphone, you can simply pull it out of your pocket and play hands whenever it's convenient. Even a tablet is pretty easy to carry around and play a quick cash session or tournament.

2. There are More Games Available

These are no longer the early days of mobile poker, when beta testing $0.01/$0.02 Texas Hold'em was your only option. Poker sites continually add new stakes and variations to their selection of cash games and tournaments. The number of available poker games will heavily depend upon what poker site you sign up and deposit at. But from an overall perspective, you can expect a larger selection of stakes and variations at your convenience.

3. Fast-Fold Formats are Available

Only have time to play mobile poker for a few minutes at a time? Well, fast-fold variations are perfect for players who have a busy schedule. That's because you are taken to a new table with new cards every time you fold. This speeds up the action greatly and helps you avoid waiting on other players to act. Moreover, it allows you to play far more hands in a shorter time span.