Online Racing Games

The market for online gambling is more than 2 billion at the time of opening. Sports betting with the development of an illegal market related to the extraterritoriality of the Internet and an injunction from the Commission of 2007, officially opened to competition different segments of online gambling. The Paris online sports, whether it be mutual Paris, Paris and especially by side, which offers Internet has grown considerably in recent years, thanks to live betting (Paris live during events sports).

Horse pairs online, only authorized under the mutual form. Unlike sports pares, the Internet offer represented a minority because of the dominance of the PUMP and high barriers to entry in terms of mutual Paris. Online poker, which allows a player profitable internet without financial risk for gambling operators Many operators also hoped the opening games online casino operating in a compensation model similar to poker. Their prohibition justified by the risks they can cause addiction, expensive operators whose profitability is diminished more than 20% on average.

After many discussions and reports on the subject, controlled opening was favored by the French State. Some versions of the live betting are banned, the formulas of Paris and allowed events are defined for each discipline. The rate of return to players is capped at 85% and above is much heavier taxation for operators located in countries formerly in advantageous tax (9.3% of bets for sports Paris against the tax rates mostly below 0.5% previously).  Finally, the Regulatory Authority online gambling hoped that the players can connect via an address. Fr and asked operators to invest in a front in, especially to store data relating to gaming operations.