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All these proposals aim to improve the profitability of the market and its businesses, clubs, considering football as an industry with real economic rules, fiscal and trade. They rely on the expertise of many leading economic players in football.  They are based on the adoption of a rigorous financial transparency, financial fair play and should allow, on the one hand, to face danger for the profound economic model of football development is paris fixing and other hand, to improve the degraded image of football in France.

Pascal Perry is an economist and economic consultant for the agency ROMS sport. He directs and advises PNC marketing service to communities for tourism policy, corporate sports and leisure for their commercial development.  Author of "Do not pull the football" published by Editions JOCK Lattes in 2011, he is the author of numerous books on consumption and pricing policies. Pascal Perry hosted two training seminars for training Echoes, a low cost strategies, the other choosing the right pricing. It is also the source of several codes of conduct for the fight against doping and to preserve the sport of corruption issues related to Paris. Holds an MBA from HE (ISA) and an Engineering degree from the National Institute of Telecommunications, he was Vice-President of the National League of Professional Cycling since 2008.

The outdoor market has entered a new phase of growth, which is bound by attracting investment funds that could raise the stakes (see Blackstone has bought Jack Wolf skin for $ 700 million and TOG whose 'bid for Billabong for more than 600 million has, for the time, was rejected). Best management practices to optimize the profitability of professional clubs and enhance the image and championship football. Analysis of the various championships reveals good management practices applicable to clubs and professional leagues functioning.